Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aftermath of Mars

Tonight's altar to Mars is simple. The same sharp knife, but this time it is accompanied by my selenite wand. Selenite has deep striations which move energy very fast, it seems a good match. I stand  my blood red amaryllis blooms in the south of the altar, next to the red candle, pomegranate scented to honor spring but anointed with black pepper to summon Mars. I have two red roses, now starting to die, darkening at the edge of the petals, in a vase along with a single white lily. How appropriate, I think, these funeral altar flowers, symbolizing fallen enemies and the life Immortal.
The firestorm of the last weeks , the discord within the coven , has subsided. The troubling co worker at my job has had her last day. "I have vanquished Mine enemies" rings in my head as I gaze into the lily. I am reminded of Discordia, Mars' sidekick, bringing upset and chaos with him while rambling with the God of War.  I feel a sense of power and accomplishment. New age thought says I should feel guilty. I have imposed my will on others. I have wished for others to be silenced and bound. They have been. Mars is a god of vindication. Try as I might, I cannot summon the emotion of anything but a bittersweet sort of gloating.
I go further into meditation and receive mental images of Roman soldiers, wearing the crested helmets. I realize these images are derived from paintings I have seen, both in museums and on the Internet. I keep my thoughts focused on Mars, I stroke the selenite and whisper "Mars Vigila!" (Mars Awaken!) I start seeing images of black bulls, bulls looking more prehistoric than the overbred, tortured beasts of today. Looking more similar to water buffalo, smaller , more primitive but with a more powerful and dangerous feel to  them. I see torches burning and what looks to be sheaves of millet laid across a marble altar. I see Roman soldiers drinking something out of cups. I expect to see wine, but instead see some sort of grayish brew...mead is what to comes to mind although I have never heard of a mead of this color, or, indeed, any sort of alcohol like this stormy looking brew. I see golden coins and have a flash of insight where I am told to take a gold coin, wrap it within foil and leave it in the sun. The foil will intensify the sun's rays, transmuting Sun energy into the coin which I may then carry as a Mars talisman. I make a mental note to carry this out on Tuesday, the day of Mars.
The energy is nowhere near as intense as it was the day of my walk with Mars. Its as though it is waning. The full moon will be tomorrow night. Full moons are a time of completion. Part of me hopes that this savage and potent energy has scoured me and is moving on, but the other half of me prays it has only paused....

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